Mobile Prosthetics


They are the well-known "dentures". These are works made of acrylic material that replace all teeth and possible soft tissue losses. They rest on the patient's mucosa and meet the functional and aesthetic needs of patients who choose them.

A denture is a mobile prosthetic restoration used to replace missing teeth. They provide a solution for patients who have lost either all of their teeth or a group of teeth in one or both jaws.

Until a few years ago, wearing dentures was almost a natural and expected thing for older people. Fortunately, in recent years, advances in the field of dentistry have helped us to understand that tooth loss is not an inevitable consequence of aging. With proper oral hygiene and regular dental care, we can keep most of our natural teeth for life. Other alternatives such as dental implants now offer a more effective solution for replacing lost teeth.


These are dentures with acrylic teeth on a metal frame covered with pink acrylic to resemble the patient's gums. They replace missing teeth and rest on the existing teeth and mucosa.

A partial denture is the alternative to address the loss of some teeth when a bridge is not possible. It is preferred in cases where there are not enough healthy post teeth to support a dental bridge, many contiguous teeth are missing, or the patient prefers a more economical solution in which case a partial denture is a reliable and safe solution. Also with a single partial denture we can replace several missing teeth at the same time in different jaw positions which would require the construction of multiple bridges.

The main disadvantage of a partial denture compared to a permanent dental bridge is that because it is a mobile construction, it is more difficult for the patient to get used to it. It also lags significantly in terms of aesthetics as their metal hooks when they touch the front surfaces of the teeth are exposed with the smile negatively affecting the appearance. The problem is relatively less when aesthetic retainers such as precision brackets can be used.