Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneer is a thin ceramic shell that is bonded to the front surfaces of the front teeth.

The facades are considered necessary for the aesthetic upgrade:

  • teeth with discolorations
  • worn teeth
  • crooked teeth
  • broken teeth
  • teeth with an air tooth to close the space between them
What is the process to obtain them?

Usually three visits to our dental office are required, and each of them is painless.

At first phase a treatment plan is made where the doctor agrees with the patient on the treatment expectations. At the same time a full oral examination is done and once it is determined to be appropriate x-rays are taken and impressions of the mouth and teeth are taken.

At second visit the preparation of the teeth to be ground is carried out. The area may be anaesthetized with a local anaesthetic as this procedure requires absolutely meticulous work. The ground teeth are then impressed and the impression is sent to the qualified dental laboratory. It is important that the chromatography is done with an electronic spectrophotometer. In the meantime, temporary restorations are prepared to cover the grinded teeth aesthetically.

At third The shape of the veneers and their colour, which must be in harmony with the patient's smile, is checked. They are then bonded to the tooth surfaces with a special resinous mortar.

Lifetime of the facades

Their shelf life is quite long as long as you avoid chewing hard foods with them such as bones, nuts

as well as hard objects on a general basis. Also adherence to basic oral hygiene rules is necessary. One of their main advantages is resistance to staining so don't be unaware of the presence of stains on them.