The smile is one of the most important elements of your appearance. It is the first feature you notice when you meet someone.

A white and bright smile is beautiful, makes you feel radiant, confident and makes you stand out. Some of the daily habits such as smoking, coffee, tea, red wine, cola soft drinks etc. gradually change the colour of teeth.

Teeth whitening could be done in various ways depending on the case and its needs. At our dental center we provide both home and office whitening.

Whitening at home is done with whitening splints that are made individually for each patient, who, following the doctor's instructions, performs the whole procedure at home. The monitoring as well as the guidance of the doctor is usually necessary, so that we can be sure of the excellent result of the whole procedure.

The most appropriate whitening protocol for a long-lasting result is the combination of dental bleaching for some fifteen minutes and then maintaining the result with whitening splints for the appropriate period of time, which is recommended by the treating doctor.

Whitening provided in the dental office has proven effectiveness, safety and durability. This is mainly due to our experience as well as the formulations we use.

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