In our clinic we accept all young children in order to create a relationship of trust with the dentist that will be maintained in the future. The restoration and maintenance of the child's oral health is achieved through the implementation of a specific therapeutic and preventive program.

The first visit should take place at the age of 3 years in order to build a harmonious relationship with the dentist and the dental equipment. With a pleasant welcome, we want to turn fear and doubt into a pleasant experience that will accompany the child throughout his or her life.

The neonatal dentition consists of 20 teeth, which gradually emerge from six months to two years of age. Their role is very important for the child:

  • They serve chewing and phonation for about ten years, until all the permanent teeth have completed the anatomy.
  • They are a safe guide for the smooth dissection of the successor permanent teeth in the correct position.
  • A broken baby tooth causes pain and discomfort to the child, and therefore it should be treated immediately.
    If the damaged child's tooth is left untreated, an abscess is created, which negatively affects the formation and dissection of the corresponding permanent tooth.
Paedodontic work
  • Resin fillings in deciduous and permanent teeth
  • Children's extractions and clean-ups
  • Sealing of holes and slots

In cooperation with excellent partners in the field of pedodontics, orthodontics and endodontics, we successfully treat every case with immediacy.

What are hole and slit fillings, known as Sealants?

Preventive coverings or sealants are liquid resin that is placed in the holes and crevices of the chewing surface of the back teeth, where food and germs are retained. The tooth does not need to be ground for this procedure. The process of sealant placement is completely safe, simple and, above all, painless. In just one visit, grooves of the tooth are thoroughly cleaned and coated with a thin layer of material over the crevices of the tooth.