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In our clinic, the success of dental treatment cannot be understood without the concept of aesthetic, specialized and personalized care for each patient who passes through the door of our clinic.

We carry out work that covers the whole range of dentistry with special emphasis on aesthetics, without compromising on the functional part of dentistry.

With honesty, trust and understanding we make sure that we provide you with personalised care.

Our unit, assisted by experienced specialists, can cover the whole range of dental science. With a focus on both safety and avoidance of patient discomfort, we invite you to solve together any functional and aesthetic dental problem in a scientifically based manner.

Our dental team aims to design and implement the appropriate and personalized treatment for the restoration and maintenance of oral function and aesthetics.

  • Root canal treatment
  • Dental check ups
  • Regular Dental Cleaning
  • Advanced technology
cavity protection
cosmetic dentistry

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Dr. Jordan Salamastrakis

Dental Surgeon / Implantologist

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