Invisible Orthodontics

Transparent splints

In this technique, the patient wears transparent, invisible splints for over 20 hours. The splints exert small forces on the teeth and thus move them in the desired direction.

The orthodontist first takes the impressions and instructs the lab on the direction and amount of tooth movement. After that, the specialized orthodontic laboratory makes the splints which, depending on the system, are changed every 2 to 4 weeks. Treatment with the transparent splints lasts from 6 to 24 months depending on the problem.

We call invisible orthodontics or orthodontics without braces the procedure of restoration of orthodontic abnormalities with the use of thin transparent orthodontic braces. These splints are placed in the mouth in succession and progressively move the teeth towards the desired position. They are manufactured using high technology and computer software.

What are the costs? Compared to traditional orthodontics, is it more expensive or cheaper?

The cost is now at the same level of a classic orthodontic treatment, and if one considers that with invisible orthodontics usually restores parts of the dental arch or recurrences of old orthodontic treatments, the cost is often lower than that of a complete treatment with braces.