Oral Surgery

Surgical Extraction Care Provider

The dentist may recommend wisdom tooth extraction when there is a serious problem that can only be treated by tooth extraction.

Common conditions that require the surgical extraction of a wisdom tooth are:

  • Blocked wisdom teeth that remain trapped in the jaw and cause pain
  • Semi-occluded wisdom teeth that have partially emerged from the jaw and are causing problems
  • Peristeitis, a form of periodontal infection often found in semi-enclosed wisdom teeth
  • Damage to the adjacent tooth either due to direct contact, or indirectly due to the development of periodontal abscess, etc.
  • Injury to soft tissues (parietal, tongue)
  • Orthodontic anomalies


An apicoectomy is an endodontic surgical procedure that involves the surgical removal of the root tip of a tooth (apicoectomy).An apicoectomy is usually needed in cases of failed root canal therapy or the recurrence of endodontic treatment.The purpose of an apicoectomy is to fight an infection that has infected the tissues around the root tip, in order to save the tooth and prevent its extraction.